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Doctor of Education

 Adult and Higher Education

Northern Illinois University

**Current Candidate**

Graduate Certificate

 Museum Studies

Northern Illinois University

May 2011

Master of Fine Arts

 Studio Art and Sculpture

Northern Illinois University

May 2009

Bachelor of Arts

Graphic Design

University of St. Francis

May 2004

Bachelor of Arts

 Studio Arts

University of St. Francis

May 2004

Select work Experience

Art Director ~ Poetic Art Studio

 Feb 2019 - Present 

  • Organize various art shows, workshops, and poetic events
  • Conduct graphic design and object fabrication trainings
  • Manage daily operations and manage studio reservations
  • Supervise turnover projects and furniture
  • Coordinate and record all art commission and studio sales
  • Create promotional materials, administrative documents, and databases

Residential Social Service Coordinator ~ SUNY Buffalo State

Jul 2017 - Jul 2019

  • Responsible for managing residential high-rise and apartment complex
  • Assessed the needs of a diverse residential learning community of 300 students
  • Developed comprehensive programming, events, and support for students
  • Oversaw the Academic and Living Initiatives of the Family College Program
  • Initiated social service response/support to Family College students and dependents
  • Supervised 9 paraprofessionals, 1 graduate assistant and 2 office assistants
  • Provided on-call coverage, crisis response, duty, and emergency rotation support
  • Served as advisor to Residence Hall Association and Moore Complex Council
  • Provided oversight and developmental restructuring of the Student Government
  • Served as production designer to the Marketing & Communications Committee
  • Coordinated, collaborated, developed, and marketed events and initiatives designed to promote the res life experience and HBO GO’s streaming service
  • Served as Chair to the Housing Operations and Data Management Committee
  • Developed department’s housing operation policies, processes, and procedures

Associate Director ~ Pure Ink Poetry

Dec 2017 - Nov 2018

  • Organized various local, national and international events, programs, and workshops
  • Conducted diversity trainings and team development workshops
  • Managed daily operations and monitored $20,000 organizational budget
  • Scheduled and managed reservations for the Pure Ink Poetry Studio
  • Supervised turnover projects and furniture for the Pure Ink Poetry Studio
  • Coordinated collaborative projects with community organizations, educational institutions, art galleries, music venues and correctional administrations
  • Created promotional materials, administrative documents and databases

Complex Director ~ SUNY Buffalo State

Aug 2015 - Jul 2017

  • Assessed the needs of a diverse first-year residential community of 580 students
  • Supervised 20 paraprofessionals, 2 Office Assistants, and 1 Graduate Assistant
  • Served as Chair to Residential Academic Late Night Programming Committee
  • Coordinated, collaborated, and developed programming events and initiatives with a programming budget of $6,000
  • Initiated individualized student advisement and developmental academic initiatives
  • Created and translated data management software for assessment resources and files
  • Managed housing/conference assignment software, rooms, events, and programming
  • Proposed duty policy and procedural changes that saved the department $14,000
  • Developed new residential hall entry policies and procedures
  • Collaborated with the Buffalo State Fire and Safety Department and Buffalo, NY Fire Department to facilitate fire safety training for staff and students

Marketing and Event Director ~ Pure Ink Poetry

Aug 2015 - Dec 2017

  • Planned and promoted various local, national and international events and shows
  • Developed diverse programming for local, national and international clientele
  • Created grant proposals and marketing strategies for yearly $9,000 fundraising goals
  • Coordinated site visits, vendor negotiations and logistics meetings with clientele
  • Designed and managed print, digital artwork, logos, social media, videos, press kits, publications, advertising, marketing plans, product designs, and presentations
  • Managed $10,000 budget and processed post-event summaries, invoices, and assessments

Residence Hall Director ~ University at Buffalo

Jul 2011 - Jul 2015

  • Assessed and responded to the needs of a diverse community of 530 residents
  • Managed an academic living and learning community of 300 residents
  • Supervised 16 paraprofessionals, 1 part-time professional, and 1 graduate student
  • Initiated individualized academic interventions and generated developmental programming initiatives in conjunction with the Residential Curriculum
  • Provided on-call coverage, crisis response, duty rotation support and community assistance for a multi-story residential complex of 1600 residents
  • Adjudicated student conduct meetings and facilitated educational conversations
  • Developed training presentations, resources, and materials for Campus Living
  • Coordinated the preparation of facilities, housing assignments, logistics, and key management for summer conferences
  • Served as Chair to Student Life & Campus Living Late Night Programming Team
  • Served as marketing specialist for the Paraprofessional Staff Selection Committee
  • Advised the Richmond Hall Council

Graduate Hall Director ~ Northern Illinois University (NIU)

Jun 2010 - Jul 2011

  • Supervised and evaluated a staff of 10 Community Advisors
  • Initiated individualized academic interventions and generated developmental programming initiatives in conjunction with the Residential Curriculum
  • Created diverse programming and developmental opportunities in conjunction with the Residential Curriculum and First Year Residential Experience program
  • Evaluated, developed and created educational alcohol safety materials and positive programming initiatives for various residential communities
  • Advised the South Complex Hall Council

Graduate Assistant for Programming & Resources ~ NIU

Jun 2005 - Jun 2010

  • Managed daily operations for the Resource Center for Programming
  • Generated the Resource Center’s annual employee and operational budget proposal
  • Monitored and maintained resource materials, inventory, and $50,000 budget
  • Coordinated recruitment, selection, hiring, and training of staff and graphic designer
  • Created new methods and tools for residential programming and assessment
  • Organized and coordinated various large scale events, fairs, presentations, programs, and developmental workshops/conferences

Graphic Designer ~ Freelance

Aug 2002 - Present

  • Develop print/digital designs for various local, national, and international clientele
  • Create marketing plans, brand activations, artwork, advertisements, press kits, and logos
  • Design, build and/or maintain digital designs, web pages and social media outlets
  • Produce, construct, and/or edit promotional & commercial video, animations, graphics, and audio projects
  • Write, construct, and proof grant proposals and funding presentation materials

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